S. Phantom Thread In Katendrecht

Sarasadat Zakernejad


In my journey to understand Katendrecht as an immigrant from another culture and language, I initially felt disconnected from the area. until I realized the power of storytelling. I’ve woven together four distinct narratives from my home and the area: a fairy tale from 1810 in Katendrecht, a contemporary movement in Iran, and a dialogue between two children from different worlds and eras. Amidst countless stories and memories, I, Sara, sought meaning in this unfamiliar place. As an Iranian woman, I resonate deeply with art born from sorrow, which led me to create the character of S., a phantom thread connecting Katendrecht’s past and my memories. Through S., I navigate archives and maps, finding salvation in tying my experiences to this place’s history. Therefore, this is a storytelling…

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