MIARD is located at Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam, a modern building with a wide selection of academic facilities and resources, adjacent to the historic Willem de Kooning Academy building at Blaak 10. Our environment is a mix of studio-based spaces and seminar rooms to highly-equipped production facilities. The spaces offer a variety of areas to study, experiment, prototype, and present work. Each MIARD student is provided with a spacious studio space in the MIARD Studios where they work on their projects throughout the year.

In addition to the studio spaces, Stations are production hubs equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, equipment, software, hardware, and machinery to prototype and experiment. Material and technical research can be realized in the Stations, a space to explore new technological, materials, and crafts innovations. You can find the facilities and expertise to carry out your work here. Technical instructors and student assistants are present to support your production.

What can you do at a Station?
You take lessons and instruction while working on your projects and you can work independently at the stations. You can choose from a diverse range of instruction sessions and courses. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with particular technologies and equipment and to be able to use them in ways that are uniquely your own. You can learn techniques that interest you and develop the skills you are interested in or that complement the projects you have chosen.

A Station as knowledge-domain
Research is done at stations into new developments and innovations in the worlds of technology, art, and design. The application of new technologies is under constant scrutiny, and students learn to be aware of current technologies and how to make well-founded decisions on how to apply these technologies. The Stations are an environment in which making and doing – and of course thinking – are encouraged and supported. You do not only work with your fellow students and tutors from your major but also with students and tutors from other majors and years. Here you find state-of-the-art facilities and expertise to carry out your work: software, hardware, technology, equipment, and machinery.

The Stations:
Research Station
Drawing Station
Education Station
Fabric Station
Image & Sound Station
Interaction Station
Material Station
Publication Station
Business Station
Living Station

Willem de Kooning Academy, Rental A wide range of audiovisual equipment is available for students (at no cost), including cameras, projectors, hardware (tripods, stabilisers), microphones, etc. The full inventory of available equipment is available at rental.mywdka.nl.