Radio Umwelt: How to become an intraspecies radio

Sander Blomsma


In denying the radio as mere static object and a fixed space, but rather as a dynamic intra-active reconfiguring of entangled agents determining boundaries, meanings, and marks on bodies, we humans cannot refuse to reconsider the socio-cultural and political factors that are heavily enacting on it. That is, comprehending the full extent of the radio object and the electromagnetic landscape without overlooking the urgency and relevancy the radio space is subjected to in reality. Especially when one looks at the uprising of new political laws to use this landscape for eavesdropping on citizens and selling/using it only for human ownership/communication. Therefore, this project’s position is to reclaim this, to humans, unperceivable landscape back from anthropocentric colonized structures and use it not only for human communication only but to think about using it as a tool for new subjective dimensions, materialized relationships and acknowledge/share the out of controlness of radio space like it has been before humans.  A space of subversion, challenging and reclaiming the current colonized allocations of the invisible electromagnetic world.

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