Knowledge Systems

Blise Orr


Specimens unearthed during the research process, this work invites contemplation on the nature of reality. It engages in a dialogue with both natural history museums and the post-natural history they represent, exploring the enigmatic aspects of our surroundings. In a world perpetually evolving through genetic modifications, extraction, and natural hybridisations, our perception of reality undergoes a parallel transformation in this era of technological advancement. The work investigates systemic phenomena through the exploration of open source online databases featuring 3d replicas of specimens from collections from various museums of natural history. Large digital files, existing within a distinct space and time, shed their textures, colours, materialities, and narratives. These crucial elements that aid our association, comparison, and relation to them are deliberately absent, confined to the museum collections. The digital skeletons are deliberately distorted, highlighting the profound impact of the datafication of the natural world.

Relevant projects