The Fantastical Backstage

Merle Flügge


‘The professional’ can be seen as an actor, willingly playing a role put upon him by his social surroundings (other human actors), the interior becomes the stage for him to play his part. If  interiors are stages of our professional lives, what is the backstage?

‘The Fantastical Backstage’ explores all the spaces of an office which can be considered ‘backstage’, such as copy spaces, bathrooms, archives, smoking areas or pantries, as spaces where we can be our authentic self. Each of the spaces is designed to emphasize and reveal specific moments, challenging (inter)social behavior. The final proposal is a condensed building core of all typical secondary spaces which are usually neglected. Organizing these spaces in the centre of the building and generating hybrid functions creates an oneiric world, negotiating between the fantastical and the real.

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