Reproductive Wilderness

Shonali Shetty


New technologies such as full surrogacy, IVF and artificial womb are sold with the promise of purity in which reproduction can be controlled to replicate sameness. This project reproduces the sketch as a growing process brought to life by an ecosystem of original drawings which mutate over the course of material transformation in both analogue and digital realms. Juxtaposing the singular and controlled manner in which reproduction both social and biological is politically embedded. This is done by working with an organic material and new technology like 3D printing. Ceramics as an organic material reacts to air, moisture, and heat. The instability of the organic, like that of the human body contrasts with the mechanic of the 3d printer. Frequently breaking the pattern and mutating into forms outside of my drawing and vision as a producer. By feeding an ecosystem that establishes new social relations between the organic, the machine, the human and the more than human, the sketch mutates into growing matter.

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