laboratory: the production of space by the material itself

Pascale Ritter


What if material has an active role in the final shape of the production of space? 

Interiors that are shaped by a distributed agency, where humans and matter interact. Slowly. By necessity and use. Control is shared between both entities, where materials become free, decompressed, being able to express themselves. Instead of focusing attention on the surface of finished materials, my practice of material extraction allows architectonic form and structure itself to remain visible. Removing the focus on the surface, and emphasizing the inherent qualities of the actual architectural body, we become aware of the interior space.

Space becomes non-fixed nor normative, flexible, adaptive, and transformative; Always changing, space is organic. We become aware that space is possible by the absence of matter, generating a dialog between solid form and void, changing the perspective and acknowledgment of the needed presence of material to inhabit an interior space. 

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