The Colossus

Liza Diekema


Places are full with memory, memories of others, memories of an old world, a built world. The world we built is all around us; even previous environments linger in the present. And in their held wisdom – accumulated over the years – the creations of man start to exude their own story; a story of what once was, is now, but also what has not yet come. This recognition, namely, is not bound by the concrete of the tangible here and now. It is more. Its origin flows through the ether, abstract and formless, while we have an intuitive inclination towards rules and clear functions. It is how life is structured. In this vein, we build buildings to have a use, a function, e.g; a church, an office building, an apartment building, a power plant, a factory. But what if these buildings would not exist in their function anymore but as something else, something to perceive, experience and valued for their structure on its own, as its own entity.

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