Sacred Mountain

Marta Latorre Rubio


How does a place tell the story of a people? The Gitanos (Roma in Spain) have been persecuted and cast outside of society throughout history. In Granada, they found a home in the unique cave system of El Sacromonte — the Sacred Mountain. Through personal stories of displacement and exclusion, the film tells the history of my grandmother using a beautifully rhythmic and colorful style that emulates Flamenco, a form of dance and music that owes its popularity to the Gitano people.

Using the methodology of para-fiction with decolonial readings, cultural studies, and experimentation with multiple self-characterization, the film presents a (re)creation of the “reality” in El Sacromonte showing the different stages of my search for belonging and identity.

Duration: 09:20 min
Language: Spanish with English subtitles

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