Féiniúlacht Doiléir

Gavin O'Leary


A proposal at understanding a form of national identity that has been a diminishing property to many generations. A take at understanding this relationship between the loss of language and to confront the feeling of belonging to a culture. This in-between notion of what it means to belong is ongoing and grounded amongst the foundations of my heritage. I formulate a narrative through the process of distortion that coincides with the profound literary revival of Irish identity and placing it within the indigenous fragmented Peat Bog landscapes.
Chipped away, extracted revealing itself in segments, uncovering buried histories. But how much do we take out before we are left with nothing? To the point that the very landscape we walk on and read is no more. The fleeting layers… of land, language and identity becoming untouchable or unreadable.

Tírdhreach laistigh de thírdhreach

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