How Things Come to Settle on the Earth

Leila El-Kayem


Graduation Thesis
How Things Come to Settle on the Earth is an exploration into place in the time before and the time after within the context of historical and embodied timescales. The research seeks to document encounters with landscape matter and how these surface into an on-going dialogue where the landscape becomes a vocabulary for the untold stories of the feminine past. It investigates archaeomythological theories by Marija Gimbutas which speak of an egalitarian matriarchal culture and how it embodied the feminine within the landscape and ritual practices at Neolithic stone sites. It further explores the archaeoacoustic recordings of the prehistoric landscape by researcher Paul Devereux (Landscape and Perception Project, RCA). What if the continuing encounters of materiality, visibility and modulation produced a spatial embodiment of the collective interactions with the landscape?


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