Ricardo Nemeye Van Wijk


“When a museum decides to display one object as decorative art and another as historical artefact, it does not merely establish a hierarchy of aesthetic values; it also limits contact between such objects and thereby restricts the stories such objects tell together. “  J. Gonzalez

What would happen if a museum would switch roles from curators to observers, showing how framing and staging exhibitions can form detachments with heritage. This project reveals my re-interpretation of qualities existing within ruin. Ruin is decomposed from its original form and aesthetic values through endurance. Embracing these values, ruin becomes ablest, it’s exposing and hiding simultaneously our most pressing thoughts. A continuous space constantly vibrating between a dual world. The desired and the real are mixed into a representational composition, dealing with the abrupt shift of paradigms. A glitched reality, subtracting his own identity and form.  A transportation towards worlds in between them, by constructing and deconstructing simultaneously. This concept of ruin is being adapted towards the body of the Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam.

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