The Wandering Womb

Shonali Shetty


The wandering womb is a set of drawings made in stages of reproduction, transforming between analog and digital mediums. Anatomical obsession with the human body, no different than the anatomical obsession with architecture has overlooked some of the more intricate understandings of the communication networks and fluidity that goes beyond the structural appearance of the body. Merleau Ponty defines the cohesion of the visible and the invisible in the concept of flesh as a general thing, ‘’neither spiritual nor material, neither mind nor matter, neither an idea nor a spatio-temporal thing – it is like a “general thing”, an “element” in the sense that the ancients used to speak of water, air, earth, and fire. (Diprose & Reynolds, 2014, p.188)’’ The drawings aim to make visible that which currently escapes the anatomical gaze of both biology and architecture.

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