How human bodies inhabit space – It’s complexity and multiple forms

Pascale Ritter


The motivation of my project is to create awareness of how we inhabit and use space as human bodies. We inhabit space in an amorphous form, but have the tendency to geometrize and grid spaces and furniture. With this study, I want to question this automatic way of responding to human needs and question the way how we design space and its interior; being aware of this automatic response. 

We design and understand space with a grid. This leads us to design in orthogonal and standardized ways; categorizing spaces and uses, forcing us, human beings, to inhabit space in one way, when the use of space is continuously changing and different to every body, being amorphous and infinite. With this study I want to make the designers aware of the different forms we can use space in our daily tasks, and have as starting point the human bodies movement and amorphous interaction of this figures. Questioning and designing the -in between-constantly changing- spaces.

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