My hair is an alive archive

Ruth Gonzalez


This is not about hairdressing. This is a personal herstory proposing an interference between a dancer and a hairdresser. It explores the story of a hair salon that the women of the artist’s family have run since 1970 and navigated through different domestic interiors and became a feminist spatial strategy for empowerment and revolution. 

Using choreographic methodologies, the project brings forward the ideals that the community raised (Holding, Caring, Resisting) through a set of four performances to transpose the hairdresser to a new setting. 

The installation includes traces of a live-performance that took place in the gallery: a haircut for the artist’s mother using her grandma’s scissors. An open ending to the story, leaving space for this matrilineal practice to be continued in another location, another context, and through another discipline. 

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