Oculos: Sensorial Land Observation

Ruth Gonzalez


Oosterwold, Almere is a residential area shaped around the concept of self-organization, and here I emphasize the self, as ego, person, or individual. The aim of each resident is to draw a path to their door. Yet what happens in between doors is another’s problem. Every plot has a fence that divides the private interior and the public exterior, leaving only the in-between paths and the roads as public.

In an attempt to understand the single gaze in the space and in the context of Oosterwold, where individuality shapes the collectivity meaning that the single gaze shapes multiple gazes. I worked with sensorial and relational objects that alter the perceptions of spacetime and create other ways/views/perspectives as a collective from the individual wearing them. To shape the affection of individuality to the collectivity through three devices/oculos.

Relevant projects