Detached Cohabitation

Marco Busani


Technology and new digital media play an invasive role in our everyday life and surroundings. The consequences of this unstoppable invasion – such as surveillance, online over-sharing, theatricalisation of everyday life and so forth – offer new perspectives on the interior.

Interfacing architecture with new real-time digital media – specifically Skype – becomes a pivotal tool to investigate how notions of intimacy, distance, proximity and spatial perception can be subverted and challenged when the virtual and the real collapse into a bilateral channel.

Merging together the interior space and 1:1 scale projection of a real-time Skype conversation, the project investigates the idea of physical presence when mediated by a device. By questioning the notions of materiality and intangibility, Detached Cohabitation acts on the eroded distance that separates spaces and people when a technological interface is placed between them.


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