how to set up a market stall

Paulina Sycha


Working on the concept of the market(place) as a social and transactional space, the proposed textile experiments explore structures for engaging in practices of resistant devotion and shared reflection on other modes of exchange. The activation of the textiles is part of the thesis research on community approaches to food exchange and systems that prioritise the reproduction of socio-ecological relations over the mere reproduction of capital. 

The textile gestures dissect and occupy spaces of consumption, both in positive and interruptive ways, through their collective activation. Spaces that are recognisable through established images of individual consumption suddenly are rendered strange through collective gestures, leaving room for reflection. 

Embracing aspects of constant negotiation, humor, chaos and the unpredictable the work considers the collective carrying, walking, stumbling and moving against and beyond as a means of thinking through collective gestures and subjective experience.

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