A Memoir, Long Time No See

Bhoomchaya Prakongpetch


The prediction is that the World Expo as a model might not exist in a physical form as it does today. This observation is due to the event’s ongoing discourse on its relevancy and negative economic impact on its host.

A Memoir, Long Time No See takes place in 2045, when nobody is physically participating in such events anymore. A starting point of the project is a set of spatial qualities of the Akragon building in Rotterdam, which carry a sense of nostalgia, a memory, it was once a gym for students.  There remain marks and scratches within the interior, silently reminding us about previous activities.

The approach towards the project is oriented on activating the energy inside the building – as a sleeping machine, a memoir.  It is a place for documenting a memory by a visitor who is a “Sender” and who has experienced past phyiscal World Expos, and  a “Receiver” who has never experienced an expo before.

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