ephemeral influence

Josephine Goverts


On June 10th, 1976, the city council of Rotterdam was bombarded with flower bombs. Following a brief whistle signal, tens of flower bags were thrown over the heads of city council members. The decision to expand the Condrico factory on Katendrecht prompted this action. This was a defining moment in the resistance against the Rotterdam industry and municipality; up until that point, all efforts had been ignored and forcefully forgotten in one’s memories.

Within this project, I tried to examine the spatialization between the boundaries/edges of this ephemeral protest. By designing intensities of urban speculation. And putting them in opposition to the machine’s forces. Resulting in the material dictating the new speculative spaces, by attacking itself through various forms of pressure. Transforming the ephemeral space, from an absence to a tactile presence, from lack of control to reclaiming control. Calling into question the spaces that were purposefully ignored by brute force.

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