De Regenboogbuurt, Flevoland

Nadine Franz


Considered a young cultural heritage of Flevoland, it is the largest building project dedicated to the renowned architect, Bruno Taut (1880 –1938). He manifested colour as an essential element in architecture and implemented this in social housing projects. Presently, these are considered UNESCO heritage neighborhoods. The Regenboogbuurt was realized in the 90’s through careful planning of an urbanist, landscape architect and colour advisor. Today, its residents are developing a sense of cultural heritage, with 70% wanting to preserve its original colour scheme.

The material experimentations visualize the documentation of the site visit, accompanied by archival research. This addresses the intricacy of colour preservation in architecture. By mixing gypsum and pigments, the original palettes are reproduced and become a form of drawing tools. This in itself becomes an act of conservation.

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