Casas de Aguas

Albina Aleksiunaite


Addressing the global water crisis, the project Casas de Aguas aims to deal with the catastrophic water issue in Mexico City and its district Iztapalapa. Iztapalapa, one of the poorest sections of the city is suffering from domestic water scarcity. As a response to this ‘slow violence’ I intend to raise awareness on these invisible environmental crimes and pay attention to the urban poor which silently suffers an environmental noxiousness.

Casas de Aguas is an inexpensive domestic interventions tool-kit, an anti-disaster manual, a survival scheme hypothetically developed with local people in order to help them to obtain clean domestic water from rainwater harvesting. Besides that, a range of domestic tools – an immediate handmade devices – help to sustain collected water. They purify it, store it, save it and recycle.

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