Beat the Yellows with the Yellow Wedge

Livia Stacchini


Beat the Yellows with the Yellow Wedge is a series of three drawings that represent different phases of a fairytale. Here, five geometrical and tridimensional characters are the protagonists.

The narrative takes place in a world where each character has a spherical soul, besides the Dispatcher, who has a triangular one. The heart of the story is the Dispatcher’s fight with the Hero to become like the others.

The dynamic drawings are designed to reflect the storytelling and its translation into bidimensional compositions. There is a written text that relates to the three episodes to support each drawing.

Visually, the repetition of the characters in different moments and perspectives establish a non-linear narrative throughout.  Viewers can follow the fairytale that is shaped by the formal aspect of the visuals and their abstract configurations.

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