The Liberation of the Kitchen

Alejandra Calderón


The kitchen has gone through a process of change to accommodate to social transformations. However, it has not changed much of its spatial premises since the 1950s. With the triumph of the built-in cabinets and the predominant infrastructure that defines it, the kitchen offers very little possibilities to become a flexible space in the house.

‘The Liberation of the Kitchen’ will take you on a journey of history, socio-political factors and personal stories of this emblematic space. It aims to challenge the traditional layout of the house and to question how we inhabit domestic spaces, when patterns of life are changing so fast. By questioning the traditional arrangement of the fitted kitchen and proposing a new model, alternative forms of experiencing the domestic space can emerge that adapt to the lifestyle of its users. If so many efforts and studies were made to liberate the woman from the kitchen, could the kitchen be liberated from the domestic space itself?

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