Polystyrene Site Maps: a visual story about 29 polystyrene packaging elements from the 21st century.

Daniël de Jong


Imagine a world without polystyrene packaging. What could be the value of looking at these shapes differently in this moment of time and space?

This visual story aims to embrace polystyrene packaging as a resource to explore spatial relations within themselves and the global context by manipulating their forms digitally. By looking differently at these 29 selected objects, they became an investigation into the origin, architectural imagination, representation, spatiality, and value. The polystyrene represented as three ruin sites, plays, and interacts with these phenomena and asks questions about how we consume electronic devices (in Western capitalist society) in a socio-political context by using the material that comes with the devices but is often immediately discarded. All 29 polystyrene objects are carefully scanned and documented with multiple techniques trying to unravel the specific role in space and time in which these objects exist and are created by the value we place upon them as a society. Element number 14 is a replica of the original and is preserved as a different material. 

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