Manufacturing Heterotopia

Milena Sekulic, Maria Dorothea Weis


Manufacturing Heterotopia is an interactive spatial installation which addresses the lack of occupation with the problematic engendered history, the manipulative power relationships between male and female in past as well as present times. Those complex mechanisms of the multi-faced relationship between male colonisers and the female colonised are abstracted and represented in an audiovisual spatial installation. The organic structure of the installation of female condoms with vibrating motors inside, hanging from the ceiling, is wired together like a piece of nurturing machinery. The cocoons represent the seed of transformation, rebirth, and the transition of power. The pleasing haptic and the vibration as a sensual trigger is opposing the fragility of those cocoons. By entering the installation the embodied experience of the duality of pleasure and violence, control and domination, history, and presence recreates the manipulative history that we are still occupied with. 


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