Dual Truths

Daniël de Jong, Blise Orr


The work depicts ‘ideological information bubbles’ fashioned through the architectural and socio- cultural form of the cruise ship. A body of research that reflects this vast expanse of hidden landscapes. The work invests in research on the topic of cruise ships and through various forms of data gathering, from primary research to interviews and research through drawing we distill a social critique to develop the research into a new aesthetic paradigm.

To unravel this phenomenon we invest in research through inspirational resources from different Maritime institutions in Rotterdam. The ships that are examined, offer a space of spectacle and simulation. Even though it appears these vessels only function at sea they also enable an invisible social structure on land, through their physical presence in ports, delegation, and hierarchies at sea as well as their deconstruction process. Will the ship become the new sanctuary of the future or will it simply function to act as a haven for retired seamen, enabling what remains of the past to be cast back out into the world?

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