sonic f.lux

Marco Busani and Natalie Konopelski


“Within vibrations themselves, there are no abrupt boundaries, no distinctive thresholds, only heterogeneous continuities a float on a flux of becoming.” Raviv Ganchrow

sonic f.lux is a set of lights that reinterprets the idea of listening by extending the aural domain to the visual realm. It investigates the spatial behaviour of music by exploring the interference of the physics of sound, light and matter. Further it challenges our understanding of sound as a purely aural medium through an approach that highlights its sculptural potential. When a speaker amplifies sound the pressure produced by sound waves is high enough to activate movement in water. Once light is projected onto the liquid matter the refractive properties of water are enabled. The water acts as a lens and creates diffusions and patterns onto the surface the light beam is directed to. This projection composes an ephemeral atmosphere of a continuous fluctuation of sound.

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