Objectified Room, An Architecture of Photography

Agnese Pellino


Photographs are always slices, sections, which imply selection and choice, and therefore subjective interpretation, both by the maker of the image and by the viewer. They are the filter through which we get to know what is far from us, and the parameter to judge the content.

‘Objectified Room’, through the deconstruction of an architectural image in space, aims at questioning photography as a medium to convey architecture; it is a way to convey a message, to cut out the unwanted, to highlight a particular space at a specific time.

An interior photograph by Camal Emden, depicting a room in Maison de Brésil, serves as a working drawing for the installation. This room was designed, constructed as a real space and photographed; now, it is deconstructed in the virtual space and built as a physical installation, which again, will be photographed and hence, flattened.

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