Devika Mirawitani


Using a concept derived from Zygmunt Bauman’s book titled Liquid Modernity, I see potential in transforming the dining room into a liquid space by using ritual of dining as the main tool. This ritual can shape new kinds of interiors delimited by the duration of the mealtime and the actions of the guests and host. This project investigates the act of dining as a ritual, as a way to enhance, both bodily and spatially, the dining experience.

The design that I envisage is a set of ritual box which includes all objects of the dining room and a written script to control the whole performance. The ritual is to be performed by 4 people, where both the diners and the objects are synchronized with each other in a choreographed space. The space grows as the ritual is being performed. The aim is to shape a new kind of interior which is a temporary, perfomative dining space.

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