Domesticity’s Last Supper

Alexandra Bicheler


Virtual reality is a fixed component of our lives and daily experience, often connected to objects in the form of symbolic value. To understand the reality of our world, mankind always tried to analyse and rationalise what we perceive. One tool to define and structure is the grid. In this project, the symbolic value of the home and the rational dominance of the grid of our modernised world are juxtaposed: How real is the domestic interior?

The design represents the domestic interior as a “virtual stage”. It consists of two parts, film performance and installation, in which the abstract symbolic image and the rational grid are  juxtaposed. It illustrates the inherent duality of domestic objects, being both rational as well as poetic. The focus of the installation is to unveil that both concepts of reality, rational and imaginative, are virtual projections. Objects and interiors are therefore “screens.”

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