In the work of Tanja Smeets intangible, furtive growth processes play a prominent role. Her amorphous sculptures nestle in places where they don’t belong. She has a distinct preference for industrial materials or goods from daily life: lentils, dried beans, polystyrene balls with a sand coating, foam strings, concrete spacers, tied up plastic wire, strings of lycra.Under Tanja Smeets hands these materials change into sculptures that invade spaces like alien creatures. Developing hyperorganic shapes that can ooze through walls, both indoors and outdoors, infiltrating and merging with the identity of the architecture, friendly structures that take over a building in a secretive way. The sculptures infiltrate the everyday environment to then get interlaced with it. This creates a strange tension; the sculpture obtains an almost natural place despite its unbridled, disturbing growth process. As if it has always been there.