Talk: ‘City Life Takes Place Inside’ by Brendan Cormier

A talk by Brendan Cormier from Volume Magazine, Rotterdam. The lecture will be held in the realm of the history and theory module at MIARD. Chair: Füsun Türetken, MIARD tutor.

Brendan Cormier will talk about his essay, ‘City Planning the Interior’ and projects, published in Volume 34 ‘Interiors’. He will challenge the traditional notion of urbanism taking place out on the streets and in public space and will present an expanded idea of urbanism that takes into account the interior.

Brendan is a Canadian editor and urban designer, based in Rotterdam. He is currently the managing editor of Volume, and contributes to the curatorial projects of Archis.

Time: October 8 2013, Piet Zwart Institute
Address: Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam [studio W1.145]
Admission: free