The Piet Zwart Institute Masters courses offer a program intended to provide year-2 students with practical knowledge for their current and future professional practices. Each month, we’ll offer workshops that provide resources for transitioning from school to the professional realm and insights into practical issues faced by designers and artists. The program includes a range of info sessions, visits, and talks, each relating to research, funding bodies, designer and artist initiatives, residencies and post-academic institutions, work and life in the Netherlands, and community. In these sessions, you’ll gain insights and strategies to apply to funding applications, residency opportunities, finances, and other practicalities. Practical knowledge will be complemented by visits with practicing designers and artists engaging in discussions relevant to fields of research and practice and excursions will connect students with the broader creative fabric of Rotterdam and the Netherlands. The program is planned from February – May during the second year.

Sessions cover topics including:

  • Work and life in the Netherlands
  • Funding bodies
  • Writing for funding proposals
  • Designer and artist initiatives
  • Residencies and Post-Academic Institutions
  • Project Management
  • Ph.D./3rd cycle education

graphic design by Paulina Sycha