28.06 —

Post Port

The graduation exhibition Post Port is a study in the post-industrial futures of obsolete building typologies in the Port of Rotterdam. The Port is an expansive territory that today is fully engaged with repurposing itself for the future. The design initiatives in this exhibition mostly concentrate on the Merwe-Vierhavens area, a subdivision of the 1600 hectares Stadshaven Rotterdam .

The exhibition looks at issues of reuse facing the immense land area of the Port. The designers responded by developing a multi-scalar approach to their individual inquiries. Coupling their research with the larger redevelopment strategies currently in development in the Merwe-Vierhavens area, the graduation projects initiate a range of unexpected insight, programmatic opportunities and alternative user experiences. By deconstructing the original use, identity and affects of selected building typologies, the designers discovered opportunities to reclaim, reinterpret and reactivate the artefact for today.

Designers: Anette Backe, Dominika Dyminska, Angelique Etman, Marie Gade-Lundlie, Mariann Hildal, Milda Liubinskaite, Micaela Nardella, Oana Tudose