29.06 —

“You are asked to remember that we are in a moment after architecture…” MOS Architects

During the MIARD’17 graduation exhibition at Het Nieuwe Institute international designers present projects that acknowledge, “the multiplicity of genres, which we should playfully subvert,” to quote MOS Architects once more. Together, the projects are contributions to sketch new, expanded disciplinary narratives.

Whether serious proposals or intellectual dreamscapes, satirical reversals of roles or poetical explorations of materials and means of production, these projects all share the inclination to subvert. They question standard perceptions of design, architecture, social and cultural contexts; a line is more than a border.

This exhibition is a gathering of multi-disciplinary design research projects that engage with contemporary positions on ‘the interior’ and the production of space. Here, design as research is viewed as circulating along numerous pathways and scales, from the local to the global, from objects to observers, from attitude to architecture – carving a multifarious space to consider other forms of practice.

Designers: Sofia Angelopoulou, Alejandra Calderón, Maria Duarte, Merle Flügge, Nancy Katri, Samira Müller, Agnese Pellino, Sanne van der Ploeg, Bhoomchaya Prakongpetch, Nao Sakamoto, Matteo Sandigliano, Jadranka Sic Gamarra, Katarzyna Skorupska, Michaela Vilucchi