04.07 —

Other Spaces

Hofpoort Rotterdam

The Piet Zwart Institute opening of MASTERS 2015, our departments’ graduation exhibition and events.

MASTERS 2015 is made possible by the generous support of TENT.

MIARD graduation projects this year touch upon such fundamental rubrics of interior architecture as a discipline in its own right. Whether redefining functional space through a ritual gathering of dinner guests or by turning a furtive passing into an encounter; whether hybridizing the interior in merging it with another one, far away, or by using it as a screen and a repository of visual memories; whether deconstructing interior space by slicing it into segments of data which are then re-projected onto the space itself, or by taking apart a specific typology, its historicity, and inserting unknown stories into the gaps, or by looking at it as a garment that hides the secrets of its construction within its seams; all projects entice us to look at the construction and representation of space with different eyes, through a different lens.

These are other spaces, mindspaces, even if some of them are quite material and concrete. These spaces invite you to question space itself: what is it, actually, that I perceive when I enter a space? When all my senses tell me things that the space itself does not seem to contain, but conjures up in a way that escapes me, then I ask what is this space constructed from? Perhaps things, memories, narratives, serendipitous incidents, technologies, relationships, and presences felt? It is all that.

Designers: Marco Busani, Iulia Circei, Eglė Jacinavičiūtė, Bianca Yousef, Natalie Konopelski, Devika Mirawitani, Sina Steiner