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Next Habitat

MIARD presents visions of future habitation,holistic systems and artifacts. Collectively, the designers form a speculative scenario for living, addressing our relationship with resource, disposal, information, energy, light and life.

Either to adapt to cultural, environmental and technological changes, to cope with financial, social or political crisis, to hunt for basic necessities such as water and food, or simply yearn for a different place and community to live in – historically, humans have developed strategies to invent and modify their surroundings i.e. their habitat. These habitats distinguished themselves through a porous and linked ‘localize nature’ of entities working together.

Today, the majority of our built environment and its objects are static, wasteful, and disconnected to their immediate ecologies and local resources. The projects presented explore and redefine interrelated elements of the spaces we inhabit – through the speculation and production of how we might live, more intelligently, ingeniously, and by thinking with systems rather than objects as an end in itself.

Centered on the concept of ‘systems for the habitat’, the premise looks at connective networks to form new spatial synergies. Each proposal confronts and reimagines a pressing topic in contemporary culture.

Exhibition at Ventura Lambrate during Salone del Mobile Milano.

Designers: Alexandra Bicheler, Alice Bonicelli, Federica Dellisanti, Wojciech Gawronski, Noor F.F. Istiani, Tinka Jongerius, Noah Matsumoto, Katka Prazakova, Julia Schostak, Pawel Szubert, Lorena Rubio Toledo