Data can serve to understand our society, it makes the invisible visible and diffuses it.
We can perceive data as a new material, which we can accept, reject or cope with.
Can we imagine life without data?

The Multiple Media lecture series 2021 is led by Daphne Heemkerk and Olivier Otten of studio High-Rise. They invite internationally noted practitioners to present and talk about their work and explore the complexities of Data.

Lectures by:

Jeroen van Loon
September 27
Location:  PZI, Wijnhaven

Robert Kroos
October 8
Location:  PZI, Wijnhaven

Rafaël Rozendaal
October 29
Location:  MONO Rotterdam

November 19
Location: MONO Rotterdam

Kevin Bray
December 3
Location:  TBA


image by Daphne Heemskerk