Gill Baldwin, Ilonis Bairamidis, Carlijn Olde Beverborg, Katryna Ciurlionis, Liza Diekema, Beatriz Peró Giannini, Aleksandra Oszczak, Fillipo Tartaglia, Amelie Johanna Unger, Magdalena Wierzbicka

The MIARD’19 graduation exhibition, In Service of Interiority is inspired by the ethos of the program and how we as a class have been working to strip away pre-conditioned notions of what defines the understanding of interior and architecture as a practice today. We have done this through the lens of five concepts: Visual Perception, Adaptability, Ownership, Flux, and Materiality

Towards Visual Perception seeks to widen the spectrum of visibility, expanding the understanding of the camera not merely as a device used to produce copies of reality, but rather as a contemplative tool that demonstrates a space between – making visible that which is implicit.

Towards Adaptability explores the inherent instability of both physical and digital environments, proposing responsible methods of adaptation that resist and co-exist at the same time.

Towards Ownership examines power dynamics of subjective agency, and the possession of spatial control – questioning how spatial boundaries are produced and reproduced by socially and technologically imposed roles.

Towards Flux approaches space not as stagnant environments, but rather as constant states of transition, exploring the inevitable link between the physical being and physical space.

Towards Materiality meditates on the notions of both monumentality and malleability, positioning materiality as a timeless vessel of memory that is both alive, yet existing in a perpetual state of entropy.

Image credit: graduation show 2019 design team