01.07 —

MIARD’16 Graduation exhibition presents projects that accentuate the ephemerality of perception, the delusion of reality and the impact of the future on domesticity.

Interiors, and especially our homes, are animated by a haze of peripheral phenomena, which drift through our unconsciousness. It is there and not there. It colors our perception. The human mind tends to blend out these ephemeral accessories – memories, associations, sounds, feelings, ideas – synergizing their diverse qualities into one effect, which we call “reality.” In these projects, realities beneath, behind, within and beyond the seemingly real interior are uncovered. Our eyes are opened to what they don’t see and can’t prove.

“Science never saw a ghost, nor does it look for any…” (Henry David Thoreau). We are designers, not scientists. So white is red, and noise is thick. The radio is raining and the light is growing. You are dancing through your house and the house is dancing around you. Your home unfolds and its creases are made of RGB. Your space is almost there, never finally real.

Designers: Alexandra Bicheler, Alice Bonicelli, Federica Dellisanti, Wojciech Gawronski, Noor F.F. Istiani, Tinka Jongerius, Lorena Rubio Toledo, Julia Schostak, Pawel Szubert