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Introoutro is a group exhibition to showcase graduation work.  The work unites two previously separate programs (interior architecture and retail design) as one. The projects by the twelve students reflect a reciprocal research effort that accumulates in the form of a written text and applied design. A connective theme is an open exploration on the expanding field and potential of the interior and the related typology of retail. The diversity of subjects, viewpoints and methods found in the individual projects aim to instigate transdisciplinary tensions, applications and novel strategies on existing archetypes and modes of production.

Collectively, the projects begin to shed light on a new generation of designers that do not need to be contained by historical disciplinary classifications. Instead, this new generation embraces a current and open view towards modes of practice.

Designers: Wendi Dines, Carlijn Evers, Melina Ferreira, Alexandra Georgescu, Tamara Godschalk, Corinne Lamby, Eva Neirynck, Agata Pilip, Fleur Sabbe, Bart Sasim, Anastasia Togrouzidou, Pieter van der Wel