A group exhibition in the legendary preserved interiors of the style ‘Nieuwe Bouwen’ at Huis Sonneveld, part of Het Nieuwe Instituut.

The exhibition presents site-specific species of space and its objects as two bodies of work: an on-going research project by Alumna Natalia Martinez Saavedra and projects by current students.

Using another discipline as a point of departure, the designers question, define and reshape the interior. The application of this research lens implies the mixing of ‘codes’ to broaden the given disciplinary boundaries.

Designers: Madina Bissenova, Alice Bonicelli, Iulia Circei, Kleoniki Fotiadou, Wojciech Gawronski, Natalie Konopelski, Noah Matsumoto, Devika Mirawitani

Alumni Research Award Project: Interior Portraits Vol II: Sonneveld by Natalia Martinez Saavedra