26.06 —
Post--Office Rotterdam

The investigation of atmosphere as a condition and tool for interior architecture during the 2014 MIARD Graduation project derives from the wish to employ this phenomenon in order to inform our thinking and formulations of design. It is an attempt to challenge the relation of nothingness, atmosphere, body, form and space.

What are the conditions of atmosphere? How can we interrogate these and reveal the ways in which they interfere with domestic space? Can we, as Silvia Benedeto states, “understand interior space through an atmospheric lens?” If we consider atmosphere a strategic tool to re-structure spatial experience, through its immaterial features and transient qualities and a tool to constitute the aura of an object, a room, then it can be employed to design the interior with the most ephemeral of means – colour, smell, light, darkness, texture, imagination, transition, play.

Designers: Bo Baalman, Joanne Choueiri, Giulia Cosenza, Maddalena Giglio, Ilias Markolefas, Nathalia Martinez Saavedra, Kine Solberg, Eglė Tuleikytė