From building renovations to drawing trees and planting forests; AI and air flow; exhibitions of architecture and architecture for exhibitions, Log 58 brings together articles by 18 authors, both new and established. In this 160-page open issue, Emmett Zeifman codifies “Five Points” in the work of Lacaton & Vassal and Lisa Hsieh finds kawaii qualities in Hideyuki Nakayama’s designs. Harish Krishnamoorthy explores two politicized Hong Kong museums while Cynthia Davidson studies Studio Gang’s addition to the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Mario Carpo considers the generative capacity of precedents in AI; Ian Erickson, the form-finding potential of a digital breeze; and Phillip Denny, the details of a drawing by Michelle JaJa Chang. Shiila Infriccioli recounts the aftermath of a storm in Italy, Waiko Waida storyboards an early modern movement in Japan, and Norihisa Kawashima renovates an office building.