The challenges facing us at this global moment and the ongoing ecological and social transformations are the starting point for the work of young Italian designers presented by Italy: A New Collective Landscape. Produced by the ADI Design Museum, the exhibition is curated by Angela Rui with Elisabetta Donati de Conti and Matilde Losi, the graphic design by Alice Zanicon Paola Bombelli and the installation by the Parasite 2.0 studio.

At the MoMA in New York in 1972, the exhibition Italy: The New Domestic Landscape, curated by Emilio Ambasz, presented the reflections of a collective of young designers as a cultural manifestation of a counter-reformation that questioned living and production. Today, designers act with environmental responsibility and radical freedom, imagining how the transformations of external reality can have an impact on living, extending to urban and non-urban space, to social relations and symbiotic alliances, to new behaviour.

Shiila Infriccioli, Ips Typographus, (2022).
Intersecting the space between the physical and the metaphysical, the human and the nonhuman, Shiila Infriccioli’s film creates moments of exploration of the bark beetle epidemic currently affecting Trentino’s forests. Through mediated experiences, interspecies bodies, sounds, and narratives, the research explores hidden aspects of the forest world. By reinterpreting the landscape of Fiemme’s Valley through its micro-materiality, the film aims to decentralize the anthropocentric understanding of the forest, to observe how non-human life adapts, mutates and finds new forms of interdependency with its surroundings even in intense human-influenced environments.