2021 Alumni Rachel Refael, Milena Sekulic and Gavin Oliver O’Leary receive Architecture Grant Scheme, Stimuleringsfonds

“Refael argues that our cities are faced with a progressive marginalization of sex-related places in the city. This is pushing queer culture and the sex work industry to the outskirts of the city, with gentrification happening in the Old Town. Through several personal interactions, the project aims to demonstrate the necessity of Red-Light Districts within cities in providing a platform for the people who depend on them. The research uses field research, mapping techniques and interviews to arrive at an extensive written and visual document. The focus is on three types of spaces: The Ball Room, The Brothel and The Sex Shop. For the project, Rachel Refael is collaborating with Milena Sekulic and Gavin Oliver O’Leary.”

“The proposal clearly describes how certain places that have a representative value to marginalized groups within society are slowly disappearing from the urban fabric, limiting their freedom of movement and putting them at risk of social isolation. This mapping gives one of these groups a voice and leaves room for a special polyphony that is of added value to the current debate about the city. The committee finds it interesting that the applicants themselves do not have a background in architecture, which means that a fresh perspective can be offered.

Architecture Grant Scheme; “For projects that contribute to the quality, development or understanding of the field of architecture.”